Sub : Seeking your esteemed support and patronage to our Azad Hind Parishad and its political entity "Praja Party" to made accountable, functional democracy, secularism and deliver social justice.

Respected brother/sister.
We Azad Hind Parishad (AHP) and its political arm Praja Party, are for our absolute Independence, Democracy, Secularism. Socialism in India and to secure for all citizens, Social, Economic, Political Justice, Liberty, Equality, Educational and Judicial Independence for SCs, STs, OBCs, Minorities, Women and Social Justice through our AHP.

Azad Hind Parishad (AHP) its political arm Praja Party, backed by NGOs namely All India Other Backward Classes Federation (www.aobcparishad.com), All India SCs Federation and All India STs Federation www.ascparishad.com), All India Muslims Federation (www.aimohammedanparishad.com), All India Christian Federation (www.azadchirstianparishad.com), All India Economically BCs (poor and middle class among upper castes - www.azadhindparishad.com/azadebcparishad/), All India Mahila Federation (www.azadmahilaparishad.com), All India Vidyarthi Federation (www.azadvidyardhiparishad.com) promote nationalism, communal harmony and national integrity.

Our Azad Hind Parishad (AHP) has its National Political Party “Praja Party” ( www.prajaparty.co.in) across the nation. Praja Party has dissolved all existing committees and is considering the appointment of afresh Praja Party’s All India, State (s), District, Mandal / Block Committee, Village or Municipal Ward Committee and Booth Committee. Praja Party has also professional committees for respective trade professional and working communities. Azad Hind Parishad’s decision binds upon Praja Party's all Committees.

May I seek your patronage to our Azad Hind Parishad or Praja Party that works for the following, among other aims and objectives.


1. Make public representatives (PRs) accountable to the public, be appointed by the public through a first preference majority vote in the respective constituency who will represent Praja Party in such election.
2. Working Committee backed by its stakeholding Parishads from Village/Ward to the national level to address AHP’s political aims and objectives through Praja Party’s respective committee and head of respective committee shall be on rotation basic between OBCs, SCs / STs, and Minorities (Men and Women of the respective community’s federation).
3. Recall of MLAs as per their contract with AHP / Praja Party, on their inaction, incapacity, corruption or fails to attend 3 monthly consecutive General Body Meetings in their respective constituency and fails to answer the members of AHP / public.
4. PM / CM / MPTC / ZPTC / Sarpanch posts on rotation between stakeholding OBCs, SCs, STs, Economically BCs (from among upper castes) and Minorities i.e, between men and women from the respective community.
5. AHP to make accountable its MLAs, MPs etc., to all the public by different modes.
6. Implement reservation of 50% BCs, SC 20%, STs 10%, 10% Muslims, 7% Christians, 3% EBCs (50% women, 30 % youth from respective community) in the Legislature and the local Bodies.
7. Implement reservation of OBCs, SCs, STs, Minorites, and Women in Higher Judiciary.
8. Redressal of the public grievance in 30 days, Court case in three years (if appeal preferred) and make accountability and independent judiciary, Policing..
9. Lok Pal /Lok Ayuktha from mandal to national levels. Vigilance Officer at Mandal/Block level.
10. Free education to all from Class I to PG. Underprivileged children will have the compulsory education with hostel facilities. State to act as their 2nd guardian.
11. All welfare measures to poor, including new health schemes, scholarships etc., to continue.
12. Modernization of all public institutions, schools, and hospitals with the best infrastructure.
13. Agricultural boards from Mandal levels to resolve farmers all problems. Free tractor support and storage go-downs to small and medium farmers. 14. State to buy Agricultural Produce.
15. Build new Irrigational projects.
16. Provide Crop insurance and adopt welfare measures to arrest farmers suicides
17. Armed Fores Tribunals to resolve civil matters pertaining to servicemen and ex-servicemen, special family benefits including allotment of residential flat/plot to all war widows, the homeless ex-serviceman.
18 Self-employment loans for Small Scale Industries / Business ventures within 45 days, State to stand as a guarantor till such loan is recovered.
19. Regularisation of all eligible contract employees with their respective seniority with the promotion.
20. Hardworking public servants to get pecuniary and promotional benefits.
21. Fifty Bedded Hospital at every Mandal or Block HQs. Ten Bedded Hospital at each PHC or Municipal Ward and Gram Panchayat.
22. All essential commodities to be available in the market at the rational prices to one and all.
23. To have Vidyarthi, Mahila, Advocates, Doctors, Teachers, Employees, etc., Federations.
24. For smaller States and Districts for faster development of the nation, to be closer to the people.
25. Removal of Quasi-Judicial powers from the Executive, assign them to Fast Track Courts. Among other.

Note: Azad Hind Parishad (AHP) will be Azad Hind Confederation AHCn in the due course of time. AHP / AHCn's newspaper is Indian White Paper (www.indianwhitepaper.com)

For membership, volunteer well-wisher of AHP / Praja Party, he/she may register himself or herself online or through your area’s AHP or Praja Party. Register Online. Regards.

Your's truly,
MA Mujeeb (MPM, LLB, Advocate, High Court)
National Convener, Azad Hind Parishad &
Chairman: All India Working Committee: Praja Party

Dr.. Ch. Yadagiri, B Com LLB.,
President, Praja Party, All India Committee